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We offer the area's largest local and regional history section, as well as a large number of locally authored and published titles. Please check this site again soon, as we are in the process of adding book cover art and descriptions of our most popular local titles.


    Reflection of the Silver Screens: A Revised and Updated History of Allegany County Movie Theatres

  First released 10 years ago as the 2nd title in the Allegany High Oral History Project, this book sold out in one year.  It has been newly revised as the 2009-2009 project. This edition includes much new materials and over 25 additional pages.  At only $10.00, it’s not to be missed!
    Maryland’s Appalachian Highlands

  Local columnist and outdoorsman Tim Rowland introduces the remarkable history of the mountains of Western Maryland, from the rocky relations of Native Americans and early settlers and the Battle of South Mountain to the faded elegance of Gilded Age resorts and the coming of the B&O Railroad.  128 pages, $19.99
    Disaster in the Queen City: The Great Cumberland Floods

  Perched on the banks of the Potomac River, the city of Cumberland, MD has been plagued by devastating floods since its foundation.  Time and again, deluges have brought the city to its knees.  Yet the Queen City has always risen triumphant and undimmed from the raging waters. With this stunning collection of images, historian and author Albert l. Feldstein chronicles the history of Cumberland through its floods and the valiant efforts of its citizens to stem the tide.  160 pages, $19.99
    Cumberland: A Hometown History


The 10th volume in the Allegany High School Oral History Project takes a look at the Queen City.  It’s a wonderful view of the city’s history, commerce and culture.  This book touches on all those places many people grew up with.  Businesses, churches, parks and playgrounds; favorite restaurants and neighborhood stores; schools and hospitals – many are featured in the articles written by this year’s staff of talented students. Don’t miss this one!! 188 pages. $17.95


    Railroading Around Cumberland

  By Patrick H. Stakem. This book spans more than 159 years and is centered on the city of Cumberland. Since settlers started moving west, Cumberland was a transportation hub.  Roads and rail lines stretch in all directions, accessing areas of industry, agriculture and natural resources. This book chronicles the railroads, regional short-lines and trolley systems that made this area the railroad center it became.  127 pp, $19.99
    A Photographic History of Cumberland, Maryland featuring South Cumberland


By Dan Whetzel. Filled with rarely-seen pictures of Wineow St, Thomas St, Virginia Avenue, this is one of the most outstanding local books we’ve seen.  Old railroad scenes, opening of Fort Hill High School, ice skating at Candoc.  Plus many more Downtown Cumberland. A “must have” for anyone.  140 pages, $23.95.



  Allegany High School Oral History Project

These titles are the product of an 11th-12th grade history seminar class at Allegany High School. Each year a subject is picked. Students conduct interviews with local people who have knowledge of the subject and then do additional research for background. All articles are written by the students. They also collect pictures, do the layout and oversee production with the help of faculty advisors. The project began in 1999 with its first volume; "Lonaconing Silk Mill, 1907-1957", followed by volume 2; "Reflections of the Silver Screen - A History of Allegany County Movie Theatres" published in 2000; volume 3; "Surviving the Great Depression - Allegany County during the 1930's" published in 2001; and volume 4; "Allegany County Veterans of World War II" published in 2002. These first four volumes are no longer available.

The current volumes available are volume 5, "Work and Wait - The Home Front Years 1941-1945", $15.00, published in 2003; volume 6, "Prime Time: A History of Allegany County During the 1950's", $18.95, released May 19th, 2004; volume 7, "Welcome Home! A History of the Vietnam War", $25.00, published May 2005; volume 8, “Allegany: Portrait of an American High School”, $21.95, published in 2006, and volume 9, “Echoes of an Era: A History of Industry in Allegany County”, $17.95 published in 2007.



Cumberland - Images of America

A new pictorial history of "The Queen City". Over 200 pictures, 128 pages. Released in October 2003 and authored by local resident Amanda Paul, this book highlights the last 150 years of Cumberland history. Great pictures of neighborhoods, people at work and play, floods and other disasters. A great addition to your local collection. $19.99




By James Rada, Jr. A fascinating story of a C&O Canal boat family's life set against the turbulence of the Civil War. In 1862, the Fitgerald family must continue to earn its livelihood while dealing with both warring armies, raiders and the Underground Railroad. Well written and absorbing, you'll enjoy this fun and fascinating novel. $17.95



Heritage Press Allegany County, MD

The Heritage Press was a preservation-oriented newspaper published in the early 1970's. This oversized (11x16) paperback is a collection of articles and pictures of local historical sites, efforts to preserve them and reports of both successes and losses. Lots of great pictures, drawings, maps. $19.95



Glass of Cumberland, MD Area

By Dale L. Murschell This is the most complete book ever published on the glass industry in this area. It includes articles on techniques and design, locator maps of factory sites, lists of companies and their histories and selected glass workers. Ths volume includes examples of work done by each company listed. It also includes many color pictures of novelties such as glass canes, gavels, rods and chains as well as stemware, dishes and other glass items. This is a must for any glass collector or historian. $35.95.



Work and Wait Allegany High School


Published by Allegany High School Oral History Project (please refer to information under that title) Volume 5 in the series $15.00


  Discovering the C&O Canal

Author Mark D. Sabatke, published 2003, Beautiful mile-by-mile photo tour of C&O Canal and adjacent Potomac River areas. 176 pp, color. Includes photos of boat ramps, fishing spots, flora and fauna, other tourist-related activities off the Canal. $27.00



C&P RR Revisited


By Patrick Stakem. In-depth coverage of old C&P RR. 128pp. B&W photos, charts, tables, maps, engines and other equipment. $19.95 - Not currently available.



C&O Companion


Author Mike High, updated edition published 2003, $17.95



October Mourning: A Novel of the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic


By James Rada Jr.  - Devastating illness strikes worldwide as WWI ends. In Cumberland, Dr. Alan Keener, a young doctor fresh from medical school fights to help the stricken. $15.95



Incredible, Strange, Unusual... Cumberland & Allegany County MD.


By Harold Scott Sr. - Customs, legends, people, tales and events. 16 wonderful folk tales and stories about our area. $16.95



  Wings Over Cumberland

By Bob Poling and Bill Armstrong. Over 400 photos, 305 pp. From early barnstormers to current days - a great history of aviation in the Cumberland area. Includes "Whiskey flights", Mexico Farms, Wright Brothers, Army Air Corps, flying clubs, sports car races and lots more. 2002 $29.95



Historic Oldtown, MD


Historic Oldtown, MD by Irvin G. Allen $12.00



Prime Time


Prime Time: A History of Allegany County During the 1950's. Volume six in the Allegany High School Oral History Project (please go to listing by that name for more information on project. Released May 19, 2004, $18.95.





Between Rail and River


By James Rada, Jr. The sequel to the popular "Canawlers", Mr. Rada once again weaves historical information into an entertaining and suspenseful story of the continuing hardships of the Fitzgeralds, a family of canal boatmen. In the winter of 1862-1863, the Civil War grinds on and the family faces economic problems as well as the conflicts of war on the canal. You'll enjoy the portrayal of life on the canal. $17.95




The Rain Man


Author - James Rada, Jr. $14.95 St. Patrick's Day 1936 - The rains came and so did the murder. Seageant Jake Fairgreave of the Cumberland Police Dept. is called out to investigate. As he tracks the killer through town, the flood waters rise in the streets of Cumberland. Concerned for his family, but driven by his responsibilities, Jake searches for the motive and the man he stalks. A real thriller!!



  The C&O Canal: From Great National Project to National Historical Park

By Dorothy Camagna
Superb color photography and narrative present a compelling account of the canal’s mission, structures and unique way of life. This book brilliantly illustrates the canal in all seasons. 132 pages. $32.95



  Firefighting in Allegany County

By Warren Jenkins
This book pays tribute to the local fire services and the people dedicated to them. Tremendous action shots of fires since the early 1900’s. Pictures of every company in the County and their equipment. 128 pages. $19.99



  A Photographic History of Downtown Cumberland, Maryland
Featuring Baltimore Street, 1895-2005

By Dan Whetzel
The most comprehensive look at Downtown Cumberland from its development as the “Heart of Allegany County”.  Over 200 photos and well-written text shows the heydays of the 1930’s to 1950’s, the transition of the 1980’s and 1990’s and the rebirth of the present. 128 pages. $23.95



Allegany County: Postcard History


By Albert Feldstein
Allegany County was established in 1789 and is one of America’s historic transportation and industrial centers. Pictures were selected from the author’s extensive postcard collection.  The book features Allegany’s towns, downtowns, residential area, industries, churches, schools, hospitals, floods, parades, railroad stations, coal mining, historic and natural landmarks and much more.  130pp. $19.99



Garrett County: Postcard History

  By Albert Feldstein
Maryland’s western-most county and the last Maryland county created in 1872, Garrett County is portrayed in over 200 images from the author’s personal collection. Included are the county’s many historic and natural landmarks, rustic scenes, the Deep Creek Lake area, and varied sites along the historic National Road. A comprehensive, informative and entertaining portray of the county’s history and heritage.   130pp.  $19.99  


Mount Savage: Images of America


By Amanda Paul
Beginning as a small farming settlement, Mount Savage became known for its industry and transportation, producing the first iron rails and high-quality bricks.  The town was a cultural melting pot attracting English businessmen and Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Italian, and German workers. This book portrays the diverse cultural and ethnic heritage that exists today.  128pp.  $19.99



Allegany: Portrait of an American High School    

  Released in 2006 as the 8th book in the Allegany High School Publication Series.  A  comprehensive portrait of the school from its earliest days until 2006.  Full of pictures, mementos, remembrances from every aspect of life at Allegany.   200 pp.  $21.95


Echoes of An Era: A History of Industry in Allegany County


Released in 2007 as the 9th book in the Allegany High School Publication Series. Probably the most comprehensive overview of local industry ever published.  Includes railroads, mining, brewing, glass-making, bottling, manufacturing, tourism, Kelly-Springfield, Celanese, newspapers, unions and union activity.   164 pp.   $17.95



Trailbook 2009-10

  – An annual publication – a guide to the Great Allegheny Passage and C&O Canal Towpath Bike/Hike from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C.   Includes a vinyl trail map.  Prices and size vary by year.

Frostburg: Images of America


By Tom Robertson.  A fascinating overview of the history, heritage and progress of this mountain city in Western Maryland. From its early days as a mining and commercial area to its recent expansion of Frostburg State University as an academic, research and cultural center. 130pp.  $19.99



Buttons of the Cause Poster


By Albert Feldstein.  Over 1500 now sold.  The "original" "Buttons of the Cause" poster - as seen on exhibit and for sale in the Smithsonian's Museum of American History gift shop since 2005.  36" x 24”.  $5.00

    Under the Wolf Moon

  a novel by Barbara Townsend, is a story about prejudice, passion and nobility.  Set in the Potomac Highlands prior to the Civil War, a family from Ireland flees oppression for a land called America.  The turbulent times the family finds itself in encompass the building of the B&O Railroad, Mount Savage Iron Work, slavery and the Underground Railroad.  224 p, $15.95




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